Your Pilates instructors are world-class

Your Pilates instructors are world-class

All instructors in Your Pilates online workouts are fully accredited Pilates trainers certified by Suna Pilates in New Zealand.

Over more than 20 years, Suna Pilates instructor training has prepared countless instructors to teach Pilates that is effective, delivers visible fitness results fast, and benefits both body and mind. Our whole-body Pilates workouts, led by our expert Pilates Trainers, will give you a cardio boost as well as building functional fitness, and delivering longer stronger muscles.

Based on the traditional teachings of Joseph Pilates, Suna's workout ethos has evolved dramatically over two decades to create a modern Pilates-style exercise that is truly life changing. 

The trainers in Your Pilates workouts have studied in-house at Suna Pilates main studio in New Zealand, and receive regular individual guidance from Master Trainer and Founder of Suna Pilates, Susie Cleland. 

Many other Suna Pilates qualified Instructors have worked successfully around the world, from Hollywood and Canada to London.

If you want to advance your Pilates or even become a Pilates Trainer, consider our Pilates Instructor Training Courses. With a Suna Pilates certification, you will be welcomed to work in studios worldwide, or prepared to begin training under your own Pilates brand.