Your Pilates - Tone & Revive

Exercise 10 minutes a day for 5 weeks with 5 unique workouts. Tone your body & revive your love of exercise!

This Inspirational 5 Week Pack contains five 10 Minute daily workout videos to tone and invigorate your body while energizing your mind. Led by our amazing Master Trainer, Susie Cleland, these workouts are designed to deliver a whole body workout in minimal time, giving you the benefit of daily exercise and helping make it easy to create a regular fitness routine that fits your lifestyle.

Get 5 Weeks Access, service provider fee applies. All Tone & Revive workouts are included in our Full Access $5/ week Your Pilates plan.

Get a Free Trial Week and access to all Pilates workouts with our NZD$5 / week plan.

Your Pilates Postural Guide

Exercising in the right posture is the key to making exercise effective and getting the results you want, sooner!

The postural principals that are core to Your Pilates workouts ensure you get an amazing cardio workout, as well as making your abs work harder.